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When Love Grows Cold

The Bible says in Matthew 24:12 that because wickedness will increase in the last days the “love of MOST” will grow cold. Don’t you choose to live in this statistic though. Keep loving and love hard! Especially HUSBANDS who are commanded by God in Ephesians 5 to “LOVE YOUR WIFE” and wife to submit to your husband. Wives, you are his helpmate…as to help your mate not debate constantly with your mate. If love and respect were easy to do; less divorces would occur and dead marriages wouldn’t exist. It starts with the “Head of the Household” first growing in Spiritual Maturity and Godly love which helps us love our wife better despite life circumstances. Couples make sure you are more focused on discussions than arguments. What’s the difference? Arguments focus on WHO is right whereas discussions focus on WHAT is right.

Are you Mr.Husband worth submitting to? I mean do you lay your life for your wife? Do you honor her? Does your life resemble a life surrendered to Christ? Does your attitude/behavior reflect a loving husband or a PITA (Pain In The Abdomen)? Are you balanced? Are you fun to be with? I know you can make her scream, but do you help her feel secure? Because if you are one of these husbands who complain about a “lack of submission” it’s more than likely you are not measuring up somewhere with your love. The days are shorter than ever, the times will be more challenging, lawlessness is increasing & you are not going to live forever. Know that if you lead in LOVE, she’ll follow you into submission. Try it! Stop withholding love, stop living with fear as perfect love casts out all fears, stop living with pride (resentment), honor her as the fragile vessel and CHOOSE to love right so you won’t be a statistic in this imperfect world.


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