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Top-12 Christian Churches In Miami

First and foremost, I would like to say that no church, pastor, or member is perfect.

Second, this blog is to encourage those without a Christian church home in Miami to

consider the advantages (not shortcomings) of local well-established, sound doctrine and

Spirit-filled churches in the area. Third, Jesus Christ is more than enough for our

Salvation, but it does not mean we forsake the assembly, gathering, or congregating of

CHURCH FELLOWSHIP (Haggai 1:8, Hebrews 10:25 & 1Timothy 3:14-15).

Miami is considered “the graveyard of Pastors” which means that being a Pastor here

is a challenging mountain to climb. If you’ve been called (chosen) to being a Miami

Pastor, I applaud you my Co-Laborer in the faith. We do what we do as unto the Lord.

Ministering to sheep may be “dirty work”, but the approval from our Head Shepherd

makes it all worth it because of what He did for us. In addition, statistics indicate that 8

out of 10 people who do not attend church will possibly come if simply INVITED. Last I

checked, about 95% of Miamians do not attend church. Many people are seeking answers

in a world full of lies and dismiss the presence and Word of God that builds our faith that

help us in our tomorrows. Church is not a place for perfect people, but a place where

broken people come for healing, faith development, fellowship, encouragement, support,

prayer, and spiritual growth.

God never made any one of us to be an ISLAND! We were created for

interdependency. We need each other. We need the Body of Christ (The Church). Some

of you reading this truly believe you can do this Christian journey on your own. Let me

inform you that you can’t! This attitude or mindset of, “all I need is God” is NOT true!

JESUS had God’s Favor, but He also needed the favor of MAN to execute God’s plan for

Him…for humanity’s benefit. “Pastor, I love God, but I don’t need the church” is one of

the most senseless statements I hear. We need mentors. We need accountability. We need

a church despite not having it all together. As a matter of fact, you cannot fulfill God’s

purposes for your life ALONE; you need people. “Pastor, I belong to JESUS, and I don’t

need a Pastor’s leadership or direction; much less fellowship with church members.” A

Christian without a mentor is a fool (Proverbs 28:26) and a Christian without a church

family is a spiritual orphan. The church is for us the BELIEVERS (Children of God).

Evangelizing is for the world (Creation of God). The problem I see is that sometimes we

are too proud, rebellious, and stubborn to see the NEED to be accountable to somebody

in the Body of Christ. Just because a society changes, doesn’t mean our choice to gather

has to change. What worked 2000 years ago despite its imperfection still applies in the

21st Century. There are still many benefits in attending a Community Church in Miami.

Now that you hopefully have some information on the power in the gathering of the

body of Christ (The Church) and the benefits it brings to you, your family, and the

Community, please allow me to provide 12 “English based” Christian churches that I feel

will help you can gain some insight, faith, fellowship, connection, and encouragement.

They will not be in any particular order as to who is #1 or #12. This is simply based on

observation and feedback from many. I apologize in advance if I omitted any flourishing

Kingdom Church with this blog; it was not personal or intentional. Some will have better

connect groups, others will have better Kingdom of God preaching/teaching, others will

be stronger in praise/worship music, media, missions, deliverance, children’s care, youth

group, fellowship activities, and outreach programs. A church cannot be based on just

“one good thing” and ignore the rest. These are all obviously important, but the main

thing is for us to become aware of the presence of God. Yes, God is EVERYWHERE,

but when we come to church…we are now AWARE of Him. All believers are entitled to,

should expect, and seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit according to the Promise of God

(Luke 24:49) and the command of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8). This was a normal experience

in the early Christian Church; so why not now? The devil was roaming around back then

and he’s still causing havoc today. We need the power assistance and the gifts of The

Holy Spirit to help the body of Christ live in victory and freedom. Talented people can

build a crowd, but only The Holy Spirit can really build a church right. If you are not

feeling His presence…don’t blame it on the church. Church is not about watching the

SHOW and exhibiting God, but about EXPERIENCING God. It’s not just a building, but

it’s a body of believers with a specific nature and divine purpose. So here we go:

1) UPPER ROOM ASSEMBLY – Pastor Bruce Klepp

19701 SW 127th Avenue - Miami, FL 33177

Upper Room Assembly of God is an Assemblies of God church that has been established

for over four (4) decades in Miami. The Pastor is huge into health and preaches practical

sermons that help our Christian journey be more manageable. They move in the prophetic

and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit led by an anointed worship leader. They also

actively reach out to their community. This is a place to believe, belong, and become!

2) ALPHA & OMEGA CHURCH – Pastors Alberto & Mariam Delgado

7800 Miller Dr, Miami, FL 33155

Alpha & Omega church is very dear to me because of their informative Bible Institute

program that builds and prepares disciples for the next level of their lives. I personally

graduated from this institute after four (4) years of learning the foundations, ethics, and

depths of God’s Word which have personally helped me in my Pastoral calling. They’ve

been around since 1985 with down-to-earth Pastors who have served their community in

numerous commendable ways. They have services in English and Spanish; not to

mention various connect groups tailoring to marriages, youths, and international/local


3) VOUS CHURCH – Pastors Rich & DawnChere’ Wilkerson

Various Locations – Visit Website

VOUS Church may be a new name to many as it was established recently when it spun

out of Trinity Church in 2015. However, the foundation of this church has an admirable

bloodline of anointed preachers in their lineage. Led by Grandfather Pastor John

Wilkerson who preached over 50 years, then the mantle continuing to his son Pastor Rich

Wilkerson, Sr. the cousin of the late Evangelist David Ray Wilkerson who was

instrumental in bringing Nicky Cruz (The Cross and the Switchblade) to the feet of

JESUS in New York City and establishing the Teen Challenge movement that helped

numerous addicts be set free from drugs/alcohol. The legacy continued to the son Pastor

Rich Wilkerson, Jr. who is moving forward with the supernatural power of God

launching a fourth VOUS location in Miami. I personally have never witnessed a lineage

so ministerially inclined than this family. Vous Church incorporates elements of

contemporary  popular culture aiming towards young people and young adults.

4) METRO LIFE CHURCH – Pastors Steve & Mary Alessi

10045 NW 19th Street - Miami, FL 33172

Metro Life Church has been established since 1997 and now has another local campus in

the Dadeland area. Mary Alessi is a Holy Spirit filled anointed and talented worship

leader/song writer who brings God’s presence from the throne of heaven. The Pastors

lead the men and women groups respectively/separately and the church also has an

excellent youth group program.

5) KING JESUS INTERNATIONAL – Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

14100 SW 144th Avenue - Miami, FL 33186

King Jesus (El Rey Jesus) Church has been established for over 20 years and is one of the

fastest growing multicultural churches in the United States (not just Miami) with a

membership that exceeds 25,000 people. They are recognized for their visible

manifestations of the supernatural power of God. Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is also

the founder of the University of the Supernatural Ministry (USM), and a national best-

selling author who has written over 50 books. They are huge in building leaders/mentors.

6) 3W CHURCH - Pastors David & Patty Perez

12039 SW 132nd Court #Unit 37 – Miami, FL 33186

Worship Without Walls (3W), was launched in the summer of 2011 and has become one

of the BEST churches for children’s programs. Pastor David came to the Lord at the

tender age of eight (8) years old. He began to grow in the Lord and knew at an early age

that he was called to the ministry. Him and his wife have a purpose to instruct kids in the

ways of the Lord; not to exclude equipping people to live a life that pleases God by doing

the will of God. They are also instrumental in serving other Pastors in the City of Miami.

7) KENDALL CHURCH OF GOD – Pastors Joel & Jessica Adjei

8795 SW 112th Street - Miami, FL 33176 

Kendall Church of God has been in the community of Miami for nearly 85 years, but the

once 1,000-seat sanctuary is no longer what it used to be. Now it has more of The Holy

Spirit fire lead by a Pastor with a vision who mustard up the boldness and courage to

know down tradition and welcome Holy Spirit manifestation. They have an outstanding

interactive Mid-Week Bible Study along with fervent prayer time outings.

8) CALVARY CHURCH of Kendall – Pastors Alex & Diana Sagot

16435 SW 117 th Avenue - Miami, FL 33177

Calvary Chapel of Kendall has transparent and anointed Pastors that bring a Holy Spirit

Word to the atmosphere. On Fridays they have an awesome  youth group  from 6 th -12 th

grade. It’s a family-oriented church with a passion for God who welcome you as you are.

9) BRAVE CHURCH – Pastor Matt Boyle

1300 SW 87th Avenue - Miami, FL 33174

Brave Church is the present name of this church, but it used to be called Central Bible

Church conducting amazing events. They are in the heart of Miami, FL and presently in

the rebuilding process with a Pastor from England who loves God and His people. The

church offers various “care groups” to bring growth to the body of Christ.

10) CORNERSTONE CHRISTIAN CHURCH – Pastors Raul & Karen Molina

13275 SW 136th Street #Unit 29 – Miami, FL 33186

Cornerstone Christian Church International is beyond their four (4) walls as Pastor Raul

has ministered as a guest speaker and missionary in various locations around the world

including the Middle East and Cuba. His wife Karen is a Holy Spirit filled anointed

worshipper. The church also has mid-week Bible Studies, children's services for all ages,

sound discipleship, and translations from English to Spanish.

11) GENERATION CHURCH – Pastors Rich & Tina Romero

5801 Augusto Street - Coral Gables, FL 33146

Generation Church was planted in January 2018 partnering with the Association of

Related Churches (ARC) after the couple felt the call of God on their lives. They both are

now leading the church in the same city they grew up; helping lives discover the purpose

for their existence and establishing a solid foundation in Christ Jesus. They also have an

outstanding Junior High School program helping this generation start with a sound base.

12) RISEUP OUTREACH CHURCH – Pastors Hery & Sandra Alonso

12601 Sunset Drive (SW 72 nd Street) – Miami, FL 33183

RiseUp Outreach Church was established in August 2013 transitioning from home Bible

Studies to Thursday Church Services. The church is still in its exciting beginnings as it

began Sunday Services in July 2018. The Pastors are approachable, authentic, and will

hold you accountable to help you rise higher in your Christian faith. In addition to their

Sunday service, they conduct Wednesday 5AM Prayer, men/women support groups,

discipleship, and Thursday 8PM Bible Study/Men’s Basketball. The church provides

children classes/daycare and Spanish translations. You will feel God’s presence here!

The church is presently looking for musicians filled with The Holy Spirit to play/worship

in Spirit and in truth, children’s teachers, and a married couple to serve as Youth Pastors.

There are so many other churches I could put on this list, but the intention was only 12.

Many of these other churches not on the list also have various support groups, youth

programs, international missions, community food services, and vacation Bible school.

The church is more than a building and weekend events; it’s one of the most powerful

life changing means on earth to bring change to the world! It does not exist to entertain

the saved. It exists to train disciples to glorify God and reach the lost. It’s not a black,

Latino, Asian or white church, but a Kingdom rooted one. Some people have a form of

idolatry with their culture and skin color. When we are UNIFIED, we are dangerous! We

cannot “grow right and together” effectively in division/isolation. A church with God’s

presence should change us for the better, but many die before they change! We need to be

delivered from some of these mindsets and strongholds that keep many living in bondage.

A scared world needs a fearless church who will confront people (not argue). A church

that will not confront sin and twisted flesh driven behavior, will eventually end up

conforming to the sin and the behavior.

Furthermore, a church is not meant to be “seeker friendly” with watered down

preachings leaving people unchanged and lacking Kingdom authority in Christ Jesus.

Furthermore, just because you go to Church doesn’t make you a Christian. Judas Iscariot

attended all of JESUS preachings/teachings. Some people go to church all their life and

still don’t know JESUS. Christians enjoy going to church, but disciples enjoy being the

church. Church only benefits you when you participate in the presence of God! It’s

supposed to be a hospital not a hospice; to help people rise higher in their faith, to

encourage one another, to have accountability, and to help them make JESUS their

LORD (to do His will; not ours). Besides, God was never meant to be put in church

anyway; He was meant to be put in YOU!

Some of you don’t go to church anymore because you’ve been “hurt or turned off” by

some things you witnessed. It happens with family when they don’t see eye to eye, and it

will also happen in church. Church hurt feels horrible because we expect so much more

because Christians are SUPPOSED to know better! I still would rather attend church with

"messed up people" who love God, than religious people who dislike/wrongfully judge "messed up people". Forgive! Your boss may disappoint and frustrate you on Friday, but many will still come back to work on Monday anyway.

Some of you refuse to go because of the “hypocrites” you’ve seen attending. Not

going to church because of the "hypocrites" is like not going to the gym because of "out of shape people". We will NEVER find joy in any church when we are constantly seeking things our way. One of the major failures of the church is not a focus on building disciples but a focus on building members. The church was designed to build disciples; not chair fillers. Therefore, many refuse to change and surrender. When I come to church to get a blessing, I leave empty. When I come to give Him glory, I leave with a blessing.

If you stop going to church because of people, you never came to church for God.

Don't let anything or anybody be the cause of why you leave church; they are not the

reason why you go to church in the first place. If you leave a church every time you’re

hurt or’ll never grow or fully become. Remain planted and grow! We grow

weary too soon, “Oh I don’t FEEL like going over here anymore or I have better friends

over there” without surrendering to God’s perfect will about what He has to say about the

matter. Sometimes I know you do have to find “better grounds”, but from another

perspective our inability to WAIT and let God do what only He can do in your

uncomfortable situation hinders your “best case scenario” for your life. Because if you

get uprooted prematurely or pick low fruit when it’s still green…you will continue to go

from church to church without truly blossoming into the Child of God He has planned for

you to be. The potential in you can only fully mature when you are planted well. Don't

look for the nearest church to your house. Find the church closest to the Bible. You don’t

have to have it all together. You can come to church and belong BEFORE you behave!

In our culture, we tend to think bigger is better, and we apply that thinking to the

church as well. We think the bigger the church, the more successful it is. But that isn’t

necessarily true. It’s not a sin to be a small church. It’s a sin to have a small vision. You

can have a big church yet not have a strong one, because there are a lot of things people

can do to draw a crowd. You can have a big church and be out of His perfect will. So, it

isn’t only about being big; it is about being strong. And it is about being BIBLICAL. I

would rather have a dozen people I'm taking to another level spiritually than a packed

house going nowhere! God’s not looking for a big building necessarily, but for people He

can trust! May you find HOPE, CONNECTION, and SPIRITUAL MATURITY as you

ask God to direct and guide you to a church that will help you be hungry for more of

Him. The Bible says in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for

righteousness for they shall be FILLED (Satisfied).” The church is not a business to be

run efficiently, but a haven for the troubled and for seekers of truth! Despite its

imperfections, no institution or organization will bring "better" to a human soul than a Spirit-filled Church.

In conclusion, JESUS our Savior and Lord is coming back for a glorious church, not

having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be Holy and without

blemish. One that is being empowered by The Holy Spirit in these end times and not

looking to be entertained. Where worship lifts us, the Word challenges us, The Holy

Spirit impacts us, and the Fellowship encourages us. It's Sunday! It’s Church time! Don't let the weather win, the Word says to GATHER (Congregate/Fellowship)! Let’s Go!


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