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Food – Medicine Or Poison?

Vendors don’t care what you eat, but you should. The purpose of this post and what our church RiseUp Outreach encourages the congregation is that we need to make FOODS our MEDICINE not our poison. Eating unhealthy foods lead to medication intake down the road. Eating clean is expensive, but so are hospital bills. We must pay the price of discipline not regret. We must not bring unnecessary inconveniences to our family members who now have to take care of us because we carelessly chose not to.

Everybody wants to live a “HEALTHY” life, but not everybody is willing to put in the work and discipline themselves from the #1 killer in America (Sugar). When is a good time to begin getting healthy? New Year’s Day? September 1st? When I have time? Oh yeah someday? Wrong answer! There are seven days in the week and “someday” isn’t one of them. Resolutions don’t work. Raising your commitment level might work, but you need more than willpower to get healthy. Why? Because all of these are short-term fixes! However, relying on God’s resurrection power to make life-altering changes is an excellent assistance for your benefit. You cannot add a DAY to your life as God created you to live certain amount of years, but you can do a lot of undisciplined things to shorten it.

In conclusion, many Christians will condemn those who drink wine and smoke because they are defiling the temple of God while they’re pounding regularly on McDonald’s Quarter Pounders and drinking sodas. Sugar has killed more people than alcohol and nicotine. If we show some respect to our God-given bodies, I think we can get better and more mileage from them. After all, they are just temporary tents for our spiritual bodies here on earth, but we want to make sure we live a quality life and we don’t check out prematurely.


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